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Har System

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'Har' is an IDF chat application designed for secure communication during operational activity and general chatting.

Designing the app was challenging because it had to incorporate military specific features while maintaining functionality, a clean design, and a comfortable user experience.

My Role
Our team consisted of me and the head of the team who led the project. My role was to create almost 200 screens for demo transfer to development. The demos covered many user scenarios, and my job was to expand and design them.



1/ Attach and delete chat

2/ Entity sending

3/ Create a new group

- Year  - Service  - Client

  2023    UX UI     IDF

Target Users

Combatants and officers

Look And Feel

The application needed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and terminologies within the IDF.  The colors, the font, and the icons are drawn from other systems with an emphasis on dark colors of blue. I worked on a new design and adjustments of elements for a smartphone.​


The application was inspired by WhatsApp as it is a very intuitive and easy chat application. Designing intuitive interfaces was a critical aspect of the project.

I Bought What Hurts


For my final project at HIT, I installed projected animation videos on fabrics accompanied by texts that reveal my childhood memories of pain and emotional deprivations that manifest today in emotional buying.

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